The example show how to create TreeMap

The above example shows you how to create TreeMap using built-in Google Charts.

A visual representation of a data tree, where each node can have zero or more children, and one parent (except for the root, which has no parents). Each node is displayed as a rectangle, sized and colored according to values that you assign. Sizes and colors are valued relative to all other nodes in the graph. You can specify how many levels to display simultaneously, and optionally to display deeper levels in a hinted fashion. If a node is a leaf node, you can specify a size and color; if it is not a leaf, it will be displayed as a bounding box for leaf nodes. The default behavior is to move down the tree when a user left-clicks a node, and to move back up the tree when a user right-clicks the graph.

The total size of the graph is determined by the size of the containing element that you insert in your page. If you have leaf nodes with names too long to show, the name will be truncated with an ellipsis (...)

require_once "MyReport.php";

$report = new MyReport;
//Step 1: Load KoolReport
require_once "../../../load.koolreport.php";

//Step 2: Creating Report class
class MyReport extends \koolreport\KoolReport

    use \koolreport\widgets\google\TreeMap;

    $data = [
        ['Location', 'Parent', 'Market trade volume (size)', 'Market increase/decrease (color)'],
        ['Global',    null,                 0,                               0],
        ['America',   'Global',             0,                               0],
        ['Europe',    'Global',             0,                               0],
        ['Asia',      'Global',             0,                               0],
        ['Australia', 'Global',             0,                               0],
        ['Africa',    'Global',             0,                               0],
        ['Brazil',    'America',            11,                              10],
        ['USA',       'America',            52,                              31],
        ['Mexico',    'America',            24,                              12],
        ['Canada',    'America',            16,                              -23],
        ['France',    'Europe',             42,                              -11],
        ['Germany',   'Europe',             31,                              -2],
        ['Sweden',    'Europe',             22,                              -13],
        ['Italy',     'Europe',             17,                              4],
        ['UK',        'Europe',             21,                              -5],
        ['China',     'Asia',               36,                              4],
        ['Japan',     'Asia',               20,                              -12],
        ['India',     'Asia',               40,                              63],
        ['Laos',      'Asia',               4,                               34],
        ['Mongolia',  'Asia',               1,                               -5],
        ['Israel',    'Asia',               12,                              24],
        ['Iran',      'Asia',               18,                              13],
        ['Pakistan',  'Asia',               11,                              -52],
        ['Egypt',     'Africa',             21,                              0],
        ['S. Africa', 'Africa',             30,                              43],
        ['Sudan',     'Africa',             12,                              2],
        ['Congo',     'Africa',             10,                              12],
        ['Zaire',     'Africa',             8,                               10]
<div class="report-content">
    <div class="text-center">
        <p class="lead">
            The example show how to create TreeMap
            "minColor"=> '#f00',
            "midColor"=> '#ddd',
            "maxColor"=> '#0d0',
            "headerHeight"=> 15,
            "fontColor"=> 'black',
            "showScale"=> true

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