The basic ChartTable's working

koolreport/charttable is package to show in both chart and table together.

    "name" => "charttable1",
    "dataSource" => $this->dataStore('myDatastore')
require_once "MyReport.php";

$report = new MyReport;
//Step 1: Load KoolReport
require_once "../../../load.koolreport.php";

//Step 2: Creating Report class
class MyReport extends \koolreport\KoolReport
    function settings()
        return array(
    protected function setup()
        ->query("select * from customer_product_dollarsales2 group by customerName limit 15")

    use \koolreport\charttable\ChartTable;
<div class="report-content">
    <div class="text-center">
        <p class="lead">
        The basic ChartTable's working
        "themeBase" => "bs4", // Optional option to work with Bootsrap 4
        "options" => [
            "paging" => false,

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