KoolReport v5.x.x

Google Chart #

We have fixed the issue with Google Chart when redraw. The issue happens when library has not been yet loaded and redraw() method is called, this will generate error and stop client code to be executed. In order to solve this, in redraw function, we have checked whether google chart library is fully loaded before executing any code. That helps.

New processes #

Count is a new process to count rows with conditions. For example, we can count only those rows that customer name is not null or count by any condition that suites business demand.

TypeAssure is another new process to make sure the native type of a data column. This process was used and very helpful in our Dashboard Framework.

Others #

DataStore has a new method called getScalar() which allows us to get the value of first column in first row.

Summary #

KoolReport 5.0.0 is an light update from previous version. The change is small meaning that the library has reach a high level of stability. As always, KoolReport Team put continuous effort and strong commitment to make sure KoolReport serve you better.

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