Overview #

This package is all about the speed and responsiveness of your reports. Let imagine your report need to pull large data from various sources to deliver the computed results. It takes time to load and process data. If many people go to your report at the same time, server may be overloaded.

Cache package will solve above problem. It will store the computed results temporarily in a period of time. If the report need to reload, results will be loaded from the cache, which results in lowering the load on your database and also the computation of your report. Ultimately, it will increase the speed and responsiveness of your report.

Cache package provides three type of caching options: FileCache, ApcCache and MemCache.

Installation #

By downloading .zip file #

  1. Download
  2. Unzip the zip file
  3. Copy the folder cache into koolreport folder so that look like below
├── core
├── cache

By composer #

composer require koolreport/cache

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