Change Log

Version 4.5.0 #

  1. Added: ApexCharts charts
  2. Added: VisualQuery widget
  3. Added: multiple upload mode in FileUploader
  4. Added: drag and drop in FileUploader
  5. Added: useCoreDataSource() method in data source for users to decide whether to use pdo or other koolreport datasource classes
  6. Added: "Others" category in chart to language files
  7. Fixed: The app() is not available in TEnabledPermit which is caused null issue for permission anonymous function
  8. Fixed: Google Chart's ComboChart to show multiple types of charts instead of just column
  9. Fixed: Util's arrayToDataStore() function issue when there's only one column
  10. Fixed: Metrics' Value card's lastQuarter range and value.

Version 4.2.0 #

  1. Fixed: Error message in Application
  2. Fixed: Change bind() to bindTo() in TEnabledPermit to avoid error message
  3. Added: custom Excel export setting for Table and PivotTable/PivotMatrix
  4. Added: custom PDF and Excel view files for dashboard and widget export
  5. Added: general engine() method for ExportHandler, nearly similar to {type}Engine() methods.
  6. Added: ability to set export engine name and choose exactly which engine to be use when exporting any dashboard or widget.

Version 4.1.7 #

  1. Added: Ability to set theme assets via application
  2. Fixed: Solve the issue of using dashboard inside other frameworks

Version 4.1.6 #

  1. Fixed: Login does not direct to previous page and dashboard
  2. Added: Client class for page

Version 4.1.5 #

  1. Fixed: Undefined "showOnUpdate" on Calculated field in Admin Panel

Version 4.1.4 #

  1. Added: Provide more translation text

Version 4.1.3 #

  1. Added: FlexView is able to clear state on view first load
  2. Added: Provide option to use state for showView() method

Version 4.1.2 #

  1. Added: Add validators to inline editing for AdminTable
  2. Added: FlexView now has history and can go back to previous view with historyBack() method
  3. Added: Provide validators to inline editing for RelationTable
  4. Fixed: Not being able to init validators
  5. Fixed: Issue with language cookie

Version 4.0.1 #

  1. Fixed: Issue with navigation after login

Version 4.0.0 #

  1. Fixed: Not perform rowSelect if there is no state available in Table
  2. Fixed: Prevent null in convertToSeconds method of Util class
  3. Added: Add Timeline chart for chartjs
  4. Fixed: String function with null parameter for PHP 8.1
  5. Fixed: Issue with PipeHandler aggregates when there is no data
  6. Added: formatValue() function of field takes into account the formatUsing settings
  7. Added: Category metrics support resolve category field's value with resolveUsing property
  8. Added: Provide client event onClientLoading and onClientLoaded to Dashboard
  9. Added: Provide client event onClientLoading and onClientLoaded to Widget
  10. Added: Add appKey to Dashboard application to improve security
  11. Added: Provide pages method to set extra pages in application
  12. Added: Property successGoToPage for Login to set the page to go to after user login succesfully
  13. Added: Ability to create new page to hold dashboard
  14. Improved: Separate the theme's javascript from application javascript
  15. Fixed: Adding row into second parameter of field's nullValue and emptyValue properties.
  16. Improved: Remove the assets property in App
  17. Added: Flexibilty in setting theme.
  18. Added: Able to add menuitem to sidebar
  19. Changed: Add sidebar() method to replace the dashboard() method in Application
  20. Added: Add new Wrapper page to hold custom content
  21. Added: Add content() method to replace the widgets() method in Dashboard
  22. Added: Add params() to PDOSource so that rawSQL() can be bound with parameters
  23. Added: Able to set language dynamically
  24. Added: Ability to list available languages and allow user to choose
  25. Added: Page has loginRequired property to decide whether page need login
  26. Added: Page has allowAccess() method to filter request
  27. Improved: Change the request and response mechanism.
  28. Added: Add translation content to metrics widget
  29. Added: AdminTable is able to do inline editing
  30. Added: RelationTable is able to do inline editing
  31. Added: Login page is able to catch the previous route and comeback after successful login.
  32. Added: Provide FlexView widget to dynamically loading an view
  33. Added: Provide action() method for Page and Application
  34. Added: Page and Application is able to use notification widget like Alert, Modal and Note

Version 3.5.0 #

  1. Fixed: Remove redundant code in FileUploader
  2. Fixed: Disabling createScreen should not disable the searchBox
  3. Fixed: Remove koolType property in TimeAgo
  4. Added: Adding Created event to User and new property others to store other information.
  5. Fixed: Attach managed table name to id in UpdateScreen and DetailScreen
  6. Added: Add BSelect to inputs family
  7. Added: settings to LocalExport and ChromeHeadlessio
  8. Improved: Make relation work smoother
  9. Fixed: Set default resolveUrl property of FileUploader to the formatUsing property of Image
  10. Added: New Link field to handle tag
  11. Fixed: The generation of count query in SQLHandler when raw query is provided to dataSource().
  12. Added: Adding language translation
  13. Fixed: Action Check if selected ids is available before querying related models
  14. Added: Add emptySelectionWarning property to Action to control the warning when no rows is selected
  15. Changed: Remove the RowSelect's property allSelectable and make all checkbox always available
  16. Added: Able to select rows with conditions
  17. Removed: Remove showRowSelect and showRowActions in Admin table
  18. Added: New rowSelectField and rowActionsField to Admin table
  19. Removed: Remove showRowActions proeprty of relation table
  20. Added: New rowSelectField property to relation table
  21. Added: New server-events: onRecordDeleting, onRecordDeleted, onRecordUpdating, onRecordUpdated
  22. Added: Add onFileHandling and onFileHandled event to FileUploader
  23. Added: New Firebird datasource
  24. Added: Adding pageSizeOptions property to table to let user changes page size of table

  1. Added: Click on Table header to sort
  2. Fixed: Very rare case that echo method does not work with static function of a class
  3. Fixed: Terminate widget autoUpdate when moving to another dashboard

Version 3.3.0 #

  1. Fixed: Change group by alias to group by expression in SQLHandler
  2. Fixed: Change 12h format to 24h format in SQLServer
  3. Added: Add shouldUpdate to set anonymous function to determine whether a field should be updated.
  4. Added: Add processValueToDatabase property to field to alternate value saved to database.
  5. Added: Add Password field
  6. Added: Add static updateAction(), detailAction(), deleteAction() to return corresponding default actions for resources.
  7. Added: Add dateFormat() for Sqlite
  8. Added: Add translation for new terms

Version 3.2.4 #

  1. Fixed: Adding CSRF to file uploader widget to avoid issue with Laravel security
  2. Fixed: Not set the field original value to default value of input as it will be null
  3. Fixed: Make the onConFirm and onCancel text be run separately from text
  4. Added: Ability to validate inputs inside the action modal form.

Version 3.2.0 #

  1. Fixed: SQL Handle for SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle date format
  2. Fixed: Missing onConfirm on Action
  3. Added: Add bottom property to DetailScreen, UpdateScreen and CreateScreen so that we can set bottom widgets display
  4. Added: Ability to fall back on nested query on performing aggregations.

Version 3.1.1 #

  1. Fixed: Not able to get enabled dashboards

Version 3.1.0 #

  1. Added: Adding bottom() to facilitate bottom widgets display.

Version 3.0.0 #

  1. Added: Ability to set disabled menu items for Dropdown, Panel menu and account menu
  2. Added: Provided Dropdown::menuItem() to create MenuItem object
  3. Added: Provided Panel::menuItem() to create MenuItem object
  4. Added: Tab has icon property
  5. Added: Property disabled to MenuItem
  6. Added: Provided TWidgetState to Dropdown
  7. Added: Provide error message to actionLost in Dashboard
  8. Improved: Add static tab() function to Tabs container
  9. Added: Add onShow, onShown, onHide and onHidden to Tab
  10. Added: Provide cssClass and cssStyle property to Tabs
  11. Fixed: Use nested query to calculate the total rows correctly in SQLHandler
  12. Fixed: Make Row's cssClass property working
  13. Added: Provide PropSet event for TProps
  14. Added: Request params is able to get/set by keys
  15. Added: Add property nullDisplay to Field
  16. Added: Panel header and footer is able to receive both text and widgets
  17. Added: Adding hidePagingOnSinglePage property for Table widget
  18. Added: Adding TextArea input
  19. Fixed: Able to set global property of in settings for `DrillDown
  20. Added: Adding input field validator
  21. Added: TextBox is able to pre-process value with processValue() method
  22. Added: TextArea is able to pre-process value with processValue() method
  23. Added: TextBox and TextArea has new property trimValue to indicate value will be trimmed off space
  24. Added: Provide disabled property to input widgets
  25. Added: Adding list of common filters to admin
  26. Added: Adding FileUploader to input
  27. Added: Adding hidden property to Field
  28. Added: Adding customRender to Field to alternate display of field
  29. Added: Provide property disableRangeSelect to Trend and Value metrics
  30. Added: Provide show() method to Response to open modal
  31. Added: Add secret Tunnel ajax panel to Dashboard
  32. Added: Adding Alert notification
  33. Added: Panel has short-handed static method to create Panel with type
  34. Fixed: Remove monolog requirement, developer can add when needed.
  35. Added: General error message in non-debug mode.
  36. Added: Provide cssClass and cssStyle for Button inputs
  37. Added: Provide formatError to DateTime field
  38. Fixed: Ability to handle nullValue for Field in common
  39. Added: Add emptyValue property for Field to handle both null and empty value
  40. Added: Add Boolean field to handle Boolean column
  41. Added: Bring back SimpleCard in widgets
  42. Added: Special Admin Panel with full CRUD capability to manage database.
  43. Added: Provide list of validators
  44. Added: Provide Confirm notification
  45. Added: Provide Note notification
  46. Added: New html property for Text field to control whether value is rendered in html
  47. Added: Able to show notification or run script by return INofitication object or script in action
  48. Added: Provide short-handed static function to create Button with type and text

Version 2.0.0 #

  1. Added: Make Application assets become property so that we are able to set assets() from outside
  2. Added: Able to connect to Oracle
  3. Added: Able to connect to SQLite
  4. Fixed: Widgets able to update inside Modal
  5. Added: Show error when debugMode is on
  6. Added: Ability to show unexpected response when debugMode is on
  7. Fixed: Better exception message for Application, Dashboard and Widget
  8. Added: Able to provide items to top menu
  9. Added: Able to provide items inside account menu
  10. Added: CustomBoard use method="ajax" to enable form performing data post back via ajax
  11. Added: Adding Logging feature with monolog
  12. Added: Fire event Error when something wrong happens
  13. Added: Add errorBubble to App to control whether error event is bubbled to parent
  14. Added: Make registerEvent and fireEvent public so that they can be called from outside of object
  15. Added: Add showRawValue property for count field of Category metric.
  16. Added: Allow dataSource() function receive parameters
  17. Added: Properties of fields now is able to receive function with standardized parameters $value and $row.
  18. Fixed: Remove extractProps() from TProps trait
  19. Added: TProps has ability to get property value by function simply by prefixing underscore(_) to the property name.
  20. Added: Ability to set property by anonymous function for all inputs
  21. Added: Ability to set property by anonymous function for all widgets
  22. Added: Ability to set property by anonymous function for all metrics
  23. Added: DataReady event for widgets, fired when data is queried and be available
  24. Added: hidden property for widgets
  25. Added: hasWidget() method to Dashboard to check if a widget is available
  26. Added: hasSibling() method to Widget to check if a sibling widget is available
  27. Added: Ability to perform search on table
  28. Added: Ability to perform search for file sources
  29. Added: Ability for Trend and Value metrics to work with array or file sources
  30. Added: Provide menu capability for Panel
  31. Added: Able to export widget or dashboard to pdf, png and jpg
  32. Added: Provide ChromeHeadlessio and LocalExport engine
  33. Added: Ability to get data view of an widget
  34. Added: Ability to show modal detail for widget
  35. Added: Ability to show table containing detail data for Google Charts
  36. Fixed: Change "after{Event}" to "beforeOn{Event}"
  37. Added: Add event handler "afterOn{Event}"
  38. Added: Widget is able to function inside detail modal
  39. Added: Ability to navigate to a dashboard by url
  40. Added: Add Dropdown inputs
  41. Added: Provide D3 chart library to widgets
  42. Added: Provide ChartJs library to widgets
  43. Added: Bring drilldown widget to dashboard
  44. Added: Ability to provide custom data process to handle data post-processing
  45. Added: Ability to call SQL procedure with parameters
  46. Added: CustomBoard is able to host multiple actions and views
  47. Added: Provide ajax method to the form inside CustomBoard
  48. Added: Modal now has 4 client events "onShow", "onShown", "onHide", "onHidden"
  49. Added: Add Toggle into input widget list
  50. Fixed: Encode request parameters and state to ensure value remain intact during transmission.
  51. Added: Provide TParamsPersisted trait that allows parameters of display widgets and metrics be persisted
  52. Added: Adding Html container to facilitate Html elements inside dashboard.
  53. Added: Provide exportedView() function to allow view customization for exporting.
  54. Added: Detail modal is able to set via property

Version 1.3.5 #

  1. Added: Ability to set CSRF token on each request
  2. Fixed: Able to work with CSRF rules from Laravel

Version 1.3.1 #

  1. Fixed: Disable code-cleaning before output as it causes trouble to textarea or pre element and potentially break html attributes.

Version 1.3.0 #

  1. Added: Control the responsive of table
  2. Fixed: Button onClick event is not working
  3. Added: Able to set widget's name by anonymous function
  4. Fixed: ClientDashboard javascript is not able to execute
  5. Fixed: ClientWidget javascript is not able to execute

Version 1.2.6 #

  1. Fixed: Not being responsive in Mobile
  2. Added: New property favicon to Application to show favicon
  3. Fixed: Not able to set title for Section and Group in menu
  4. Fixed: ClientDashboard command is not working with Button onClick
  5. Fixed: Not able to set number of second to cache() function
  6. Fixed: TField can auto generate fields for Table
  7. Added: Ability to set badge to Dashboard and Group menu
  8. Fixed: Ability to close the menu on mobile when click to menu item

Version 1.0.1 #

  1. Fixed: Showing deprecated (real) error in PHP7.4

Version 1.0.0 #

  1. The beginning, nothing to say!

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