KoolReport v4.5.x

DataStore #

In this version, we continue to enrich methods of datastore. DataStore has a new method called distinct(). As the name suggested, distinct method will have you to get a list of unrepeated values from a column. Furthermore, Datastore is provided with new toArray() and toJson() methods to get array and json. This could be useful if you need result in array form for further processing or JSON format to be returned in your REST api.

KoolReport Class #

KoolReport's class is provided with new getXml() method to get the representation of your report in xml format. The xml contains both data and meta data of all report's datastores.

New datasource #

We have added new DataSource called ExistedPdoDataSource to handle source in case you only have the PDO object but connection settings. So you only need to send your existed PDO object as parameter to your report and provide it with ExistedPdoDataSource in settings() method.

JsonSpread process #

JsonSpread is a new processed added to KoolReport in order to spread JSON data into column in data stream. By doing so, we are able to apply other KoolReport's processes to further process the json data.

Support CI/CD process #

Since the popularity of CI/CD process, KoolReport library now fully support this new type of software integration and delivery processes. We understand the 1 hour token availability causes trouble for the automation delivery so we have increases the life time of token to maximum. In particular, the token will last until your subscription of KoolReport Pro is ended. If you have purchase the Perpetual Usage, the token expiration will be set the 2100-01-01 which is virtually life-time or never expired.

Support load balancing #

Now if you are using load balancing with multiple servers containing app (with KoolReport integrated), the generated resource folders will have same name in all servers. So virtually, the client-side will receive resource files regardless which servers the load balancing direct request to.

D3Chart client event #

The D3 chart has been upgraded with one of the most crucial features: client events. This is the missing part in D3 first version. Now all charts support itemSelect event which help you to track the click of user to item on the charts. Now D3 is able to work with DrillDown package to provide interactive drill down report.

DrillDown support D3 #

Missing client events hindered the collaboration of drilldown package with D3 chart. But not anymore, since the D3 package has supported the client events, the DrillDown package also support generate D3 Chart. By specifying the D3 chart as drilldown widgets, the drilldown will bind itself to D3 itemSelect to provide interactive report.

Excel package #

We have fixed the PieChart display in Microsoft Excel and a minor bugs happened when data is missing.

ChartJS package #

We have upgraded the core of ChartJS to latest version of 2.9.x. With this new upgrade, some of known issues has been addressed. Furthermore, we have provided new plugins property which allows you to use most popular plugins for ChartJS like datalabels, annotation, stacked100 and others.

Laravel package #

Now you can use Eloquent query

    App\Flight::where('active', 1)
        ->orderBy('name', 'desc')

Inputs package #

Due to the upgradation of FontAwesome library in previous version of KoolReport, some of the icon has not displayed. This issue has been addressed in this new version of Inputs package.

New Yii2 package #

In this release, we also have new package koolreport\yii2. As the name suggested, yii2 package will facilitate the integration of KoolReport inside Yii2, one of the most used framework in PHP. Similar to other integration packages that we have created before like laravel or codeigniter, the yii2 package will help to auto configure report's assets settings and allow report to access to default database connection setup within Yii2. All is done with a simple Friendship declaration:

class MyReport extends \koolreport\KoolReport
    use \kooleport\yii2\Friendship;

Conclusion #

Containing new features and important bug fixes, KoolReport 4.5.x is a worth upgrading version. The upgrades are seamless and all backward compatible. So please download an upgrade now.

If you have any inquiry about this new version, you may contact us through our forum discussion or email us at support@koolreport.com.

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