KoolReport v4.3.x

Database secure connection #

The PDODataSource now is able to connect to database via secure connection (SSL). We have added options property to PDODatasource where you can set more options for PDO and establishing SSL is one of them.

Custom function for Group process #

When we perform row grouping, we normally perform common aggregate functions such as sum, count, avg. In this new version, we add custom property which we can set a custom aggregate function. This adds flexibility of how measurement data can be calculated.

Great Table improvement #

No doubt, Table is the most used widget so we do focus on enhancing it. In this version, Table widgets has some improvements. First, Table footer now is able to receive custom function to calculate footer value. Secondly, we are now able to add custom column which show value dynamically. Consider the following example:

            "value"=>function($row) {
                return $row["salary"]+$row["investment"];

We have created a new custom total column by formula. If you want to find out more detail of this feature, please visit our documentation.

New Table widget contains several important bug fixes. The missing count for footer has been solved. The strange row span issue when using group feature and removeDuplicate has been fixed as well. Thank you our great users always supporting us by providing continuous feedback. These are our most important sources of our enhancements. Thank you for loving us.

Remove auto conversion from null to zero #

From early version of KoolReport, null value always cause us trouble in calculation, so we have added auto-conversion feature to PDODataSource which change null value to zero. Most of the case, this work perfectly. Until recently when one of our customer told us that he want to consider null a different value. That leads us to remove this auto-conversion feature. Although it is convenient in most case, the conversion corrupts the nature of data. And we move this auto-conversion to CalculatedColumn process which needs this feature the most.

Upgrade jQuery and FontAwesome #

In order to keep library updated, we have brought the latest jQuery and FontAwesome to KoolReport framework.

Href in Card #

In this version, we have provide Card a new capability which is able to set a link so that user will be taken to somewhere if they click on the card. If you have a summary card and want user to click to go to detail report, this feature is perfect.

Support array column type #

In this version, KoolReport starts supporting array column type. Instead of having single primitive value for each column cell, we can have an array. Since many databases now support JSON type column this change is a strong move to add flexibility to framework in data handling. We have added JsonColumn process to turn a string column in JSON format into array.

Conclusion #

Containing new features and important bug fixes, KoolReport 4.3.x is a worth upgrading version. The upgrades are seamless and all backward compatible. So please download an upgrade now.

If you have any inquiry about this new version, you may contact us through our forum discussion or email us at support@koolreport.com.

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