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Discuss on new release of KoolReport 2.78.0 #373

Open KoolReport opened this topic on on Jul 16, 2018 - 2 comments

KoolReport commented on Jul 16, 2018

As you may know that we have just released new version of KoolReport 2.78.0. If you have any questions or comments on this release, feel free to leave them here!

We are working hard to make KoolReport the best open source reporting framework for php and we will continue doing so. We thank you so much for all of your contributions: comments, questions, suggestions, your shared use cases. All help us to improve KoolReport, make it better and better product. Thank you!

Victor Garcia commented on Jul 17, 2018

Hi, after upgrading to KoolReport 2.78.0 I got the following exception:

Could not find path to report's assets folder

I've reinstaled the package using Composer, and then copied the packages from the pro version.

I would appreciate any help.


KoolReport commented on Jul 17, 2018

Do you use the relative path or absolute path to assets folder? Btw, what is your OS?

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