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What people are saying about our products and services

"We are enjoying the concept of KoolReport."

David from ebox99

"The first use of your product. I was impressed by it easiness and powerfulness. This product is a great product and amazing."

Dr. Lew Choy Onn

"KoolReport helps me very much in creating data report for my corporate! Keep up your good work!"

Alain Melsens

"It is amazing! Very easy to use! Kudo you guys."

David Ross

"I have been a long time customers of KoolPHP and very satisfied with their products and services. KoolReport is another great piece of library that I mainly used to write data report for my business now. It is flexible, easy to use and can be extended in many ways. Really fall in love with it. Thank you!"

A.G.Junior, Fiorilli Software

"Fantastic framework for reporting!"

Greg Schneider

"Such a long time I have been struggling with building synthetic reports from different data sources. And KoolReport solved my problem. It did a good work to help me combine data from those sources and produce a good looking reports. Excellent work!"

Tim Coulter

"Excellent work ever!"

Viggo Barbala

"Brilliant framework"

Joshua Richards, Liquid Circuit, LLC

"I love the pivot tables so much."


"Simply easy and powerful."

Phan Cong Phuc

"I am impressed with your products and services!"


"I really love your work. The KoolReport Pro is working very well. Keep it up!"

Anfilofio Santos

"You guys have made my life easier. KoolReport is working well and very simple to use. Although the documentation is good, adding more examples will help people get started faster."

Mustafa Basgun

"I am very impressed with what your company has done."

Muthukumar N.

"You guys are the best! Thank you, you're making our lives much more easier."

Kevin Klika

"Inspiration and genius"

Guido Helmers

"We’re very happy customers. Thanks for the great turnaround time and attention with your tech support.Thanks!"


"Great work on the framework! I'm loving it!"


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