KoolReport is an intuitive and flexible Open Source PHP Reporting Framework for faster and easier report delivery.

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Currently v1.34.9

Designed to be simple, fast and extensible.

We love to be lean, to be simple, to be enough and extend when need.
We hope you do too.

Simple & easy

Simple to install, easy to use.
There are no other installation requirement other than PHP. The library requires low level of PHP programming to setup a report.

Light & fast

KoolReport is light and extremely fast to handle flow of data. If you use with PHP7, result is Awesome.


KoolReport is designed with high stress on extensibility. We take the future growth of the tool, the our future changing need into consider.

Cool Features

KoolReport can be an intuitive report, insight dashboard or a powerful business intelligence tool.
Below are great features of KoolReport but not all.

Various data sources

KoolReport is able to connect and build report from databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB as well as from CSV, Excel files.

Powerful data processing

KoolReport contains many processes to support data manipulation, data cleansing and data analysis.

Exporting to other formats

KoolReport is able to export report to Excel, PDF, PNG, JPG and other formats. Generating report in PDF and email it to key persons becomes a simple task.

Beautiful charts

KoolReport helps you to build beautiful and impressive report with a lot of great chart libraries such as Google Charts, Morris, Sparkline and many others.

Theme your report

KoolReport provides number of themes to enhance look and feel of your report. The theme will determine appearance, ensure the consistency of font, colors in the report.

Reusable reports

Just like the derivation class theory in morden programming language which helps to reuse code and enhance clarity, KoolReport is able to make use of old reports to create a new one.

KoolReport is open-source hosted on GitHub.

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