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DualChartCard mouseover data gets hidden at the bottom of the Card #1161

Open Ardan Peddell opened this topic on on Nov 17, 2019 - 7 comments

Ardan Peddell commented on Nov 17, 2019

Hi, When I create a DualChartCard - or even a ChartCard - I find that when the mouse runs over the chart data line, the resulting Mouseover data gets 'chopped' by an invisible frame around the data plot.

Is there a setting available to either increase the height of the chart, or to make the Mouseover data display above the pointer


KoolReport commented on Nov 18, 2019

I have passed this issue to dev.team. I will come back to you soon.

Ardan Peddell commented on Jan 23, 2020

Hi, is there any update on this issue? Many thanks

Eugene commented on Jan 23, 2020


Ardan Peddell commented on May 28, 2020

Can I ask if there was any update/fix for this issue? Many thanks

Peter Roos commented on Aug 18, 2020

Any update on this I have the same issue, is there any possibility to set the height of the chart so this is showed correctly. Users begin to wonder........first report is one year back....

50Grosh commented on May 6


KoolReport commented on May 14

Yes, it is known issue for long time. The root issue is the use of chartjs and the chartjs use canvas to draw. The canvas is like a box with strict border, what inside canvas could not appear outside.. basically there is no way to make the popup to be cut off given the fact that the height of the chart is limited with 2 charts.

Quick solutions:

  1. Make the height of chart bigger. Side-effect: the card look tall and urgly and still may not solve the issue completely.
  2. Remove the popup. All will look good but side-effect is that there will be no further information.

Another solution: Not to use chartjs, use another type of chart. This will require quite effort but it is seems a possible solution that we are exploring.

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