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KoolReport Major Releases

We are happy to announce that big release for KoolReport products have been available. This release contains many improvements to the library and it worths your upgrade.

Core 6.x

KoolReport Core has been improved its datasources for better connection. The library was also equipped with optional PHP generator mechanism to reserve resources to handle large data report. In previous version of KoolReport, we may experience some notices when working with PHP 8.x but now all are gone.

KoolReport Pro and its packages

Together with release of the core, KoolReport Pro also reached version 6.x with the upgrades of many packages:

  1. Amazing 2.1.3: Handle dashboard framework theme
  2. Inputs 6.2.0: Upgrade client library and fix bugs
  3. QueryBuilder 3.3.0: Fixed issue in from() methods
  4. ChartJs 3.2.0: Ability to handle chart's onClick events and able to use inline plugins.
  5. Charttable 1.3.0: Ability to transpose table with flexible column names
  6. Cube 3.5.0: New methods like count distinct, count not null and sum distinct.
  7. Datagrid 7.7.0: Smart searching mode, complex header labeling.
  8. Excel 10.5.1: Fixed bugs, adding footer with aggregating methods
  9. Pivot 9.0.1: New methods like count distinct, count not null, new computations property for Pivot2D

New AppStack theme

Beside existing Amazing theme, we have provided a new theme called AppStack. The theme has been added into KoolReport Pro that you can try out now.

Dashboard Framework 4.x

This new version of Dashboard Framework contains so many improvements that you should upgrade:

  1. Dynamic themes: The theme now can be set during runtime, it opens the possibility for users choose the theme that they like.
  2. Dynamic languages: Able to let user choose their preferred languages
  3. Multi pages: Can have more than one page with different menu system.
  4. FlexView: A new widget of Dashboard that can hold and show different views.
  5. InlineEditAction: New action for admin panel that allows resource be edited right on table
  6. Compability: Working with latest PHP 8.x version.

Read our Dashboard 3.5 to 4.x upgrade notes.

Thank you very much!

<3 koolreport team

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