Release updates of KoolReport

Version 2.78.0

Jul 13th, 2018

  1. Table: Add responsive property to Table widget
  2. GoogleChart: Add formatValue to column so that user can do custom value format.
  3. GoogleChart: Make width of GoogleChart default 100%
  4. SubReport: Enhance the partial render
  5. PdoDataSource: Fix issue with Oracle
  6. KoolReport: Reduce reload settings() by saving to $reportSettings
  7. KoolReport: src() will take the first datasource if name is not specify
  8. Utility: Add advanced jsonEncode() function to enable js function definition inside php array.
  9. Adding version factor to KoolReport as well as its widget so that everytime we upgrade core libray as well as package, the widget is able to create new assets folder with updated resource
  10. KoolReport: Adding DifferenceColumn process to calculate the difference between row and the previous one.
  11. KoolReport: Adding AppendRow process to add custom row to data flow.
  12. GoogleChart: On select, itemSelect, the selectedRow will contain associate values the array of values.
  13. Table: On rowClick, the selectedRow will contain associate values the array of values.
  14. DataSource: Improve the parameter escape string
  15. DataSource: Make MySQLDataSource, PostgreSQLDateaSource, SQLSRVDataSource, OracleDataSource share database connection to reduce response time and memory.
  16. Fixed several minor bugs
KoolReport v2.78.0

Version 2.43.0

Apr 20th, 2018

  1. Fix issue with GoogleChart when working with numeric column but in string form.
KoolReport v2.43.0

Version 2.42.0

Mar 19th, 2018

  1. Change namespace ::class to use classname in string so that KoolReport is compatible with PHP 5.4
  2. PdoDataSource: Fix charset issue with PostgreSQL
KoolReport v2.42.0

Version 2.41.3

Mar 02nd, 2018

  1. Adding AccumulativeColumn to generate accumulative column.
  2. Make KoolReport loaded with composer autoload
  3. Fix Group process for not counting records correctly.
  4. A bundle of small fixes
KoolReport v2.41.3

Version 2.31.8

Feb 05th, 2018

  1. PdoDataSource: Revert back to previous param binding to support array data binding
KoolReport v2.31.8

Version 2.31.7

Jan 26th, 2018

  1. Widget: Adding default dataSource and backward dataStore property.
  2. Widget: Able to set dataStore object, array data and even the adhoc process.
  3. Table: Remove the data property and start using the dataSource
  4. GoogleCharts: Remove data property and start using dataSource instead
  5. DataStore: Adding requestDataSending() to manually request data piping from source.
  6. New events:Adding events OnBeforeResourceAttached and OnResourceAttached
  7. Table: Add ability to set multilevel group headers.
  8. PdoDataSource: Adding SQL Query error handling
  9. CopyColumn: Change input format from "orginal"=>"copy" to "copy"=>"orginal"
  10. DataStore: Function process() can accept a series of piping processes.
  11. GoogleCharts: Add property pointerOnHover to set whether pointer will be used when user holds mouse over the item of chart.
  12. GoogleCharts: Automatic set pointerOnHover=>true if there is "itemSelect", "rowSelect", "columnSelect" event registered.
  13. Table: Change "goPage" event to "pageChanged" event
  14. New Process: ColumnRename process is added to help developer to rename column
  15. Process: Add static function process() to support new process creating style
  16. Fix the bug of incorrect active report when subReport is used.
KoolReport v2.31.7

Version 2.0.0

Dec 23rd, 2017

  1. DataStore: Add process() function to further process data
  2. PdoDataSource: Update the bindParams() function.
  3. Table: Handle the case when there is no data
  4. Table: Show custom messages
  5. Widget: Able to load language/localization
  6. PdoDataSource, MySQLDataSource, SQLSRVDataSource: Update parameter binding.
  7. Add ability to contain sub report, supporting partial report rendering.
  8. Widget: Enhance the template() function
  9. Google Charts: Rewrite library to support ajax loading and work well with SubReport
  10. Table: Ability to work with sub report and ajax loading
  11. Table: Adding client event handling capability.
KoolReport v2.0.0

Version 1.72.8

Oct 30th, 2017

  1. TimeBucket: Change month bucket format from Y-n to Y-m to support sorting
  2. DataStore: Add $offset parameter to the function top().
  3. DataStore: Add function min(), max(), sum(), avg()
  4. Filter: Add "in" and "notIn" operator
  5. DataStore::filter() Add "startWith","notStartWith", "endWith" and "notEndWith"
  6. CalculatedColumn: Able to generate new column containing row number as value by settings "rowNum"=>"{#}"
  7. Table: New feature of pagination
  8. Make KoolReport run debug() if could not find the view file.
  9. DataStore: Fix the function get() which previously did not return correct row
KoolReport v1.72.8

Version 1.61.5

Sep 27th, 2017

  1. Fix sql parameters issue in PDODataSource, MySQLDataSource, SQLSRVDataSource as reported in here
KoolReport v1.61.5

Version 1.61.2

Sep 21st, 2017

  1. Add html() method to Widget to allow return html of widget
  2. Add $return to create() method of Widget to return html instead of echo html.
  3. Add innerView() to KoolReport to allow rendering sub view
  4. Add function get() to DataStore to get any value in table
  5. Make Transpose process take the label as data if the label of column is available.
  6. Return content on event "OnRenderEnd"`
  7. Allow cancel rendering using `"OnBeforeRender"` event
  8. Add previous() function to Node for navigation
  9. ResourceManager now will fire the OnResourceInit event
  10. Table has data property to input data on fly.
  11. Google chart has data property to input data on fly.
  12. Add filter() function to DataStore to filter data base on condition.
  13. Add top() and `topByPercent()` function to DataStore to get the top rows
  14. Add bottom() and `bottomByPercent()` function to DataStore to get the bottom rows
  15. Add sort() function to DataStore to get data sorted.
  16. Add "footer"=>"count" to Table column settings.
  17. Fix the isEnd() function of Node
  18. Fix Group to allow multiple sources to pipe to group process
  19. Fix the ProcessGroup to enable transferring data smoothly
KoolReport v1.61.2

Version 1.47.3

Aug 23rd, 2017

  1. New AggregatedColumn process to calculate aggregated table result and save to a new column
  2. Table is now able to show footer
  3. The Table footer can be shown at bottom or on top of data
  4. Add footerText property
  5. dd showHeader to Table widget
  6. Ability to set cssStyle for each columns. cssStyle can be string or array containing components td,th and tf.
  7. Improve DataSource class
  8. New process Transpose to transpose column and row of data flow
  9. The Node now has getReport() function which return the report.
  10. Fix double quote issue of PDODataSource
  11. Fix the Timeline in google charts
  12. Fix the Group process by removing the space in column name
KoolReport v1.47.3

Version 1.34.9

July 25th, 2017

  1. Add load() function to ArrayDataSource
  2. Add formatValue column settings in \koolreport\widgets\koolphp\Table.
  3. Solve issue of empty data source given to table.
KoolReport v1.34.9

Version 1.32.8

July 5th, 2017

  1. Table has align property for columns
  2. Adding event OnInit and OnInitDone to KoolReport
  3. Adding event OnBeforeSetup and OnSetup to KoolReport
  4. Adding function params() in PDODataSource to set params for SQL statement.
  5. Adding process Map which is versatile way to transform data.
  6. Solve issue of empty data source given to table.
  7. Solve the bug of missing row in ColumnsSort process.
KoolReport v1.32.8

Version 1.27.6

May 22th, 2017

  1. Move the ExcelDataSource from the core to separate package to reduce the size of core.
  2. Move MongoDataSource to separate package as well.
  3. Add namespace 'clients' to contain most common used clients library such as jQuery, Bootstrap
  4. Adding the colorScheme to Koolreport to manage color of charts and others.
  5. We now can create theme for KoolReport
  6. Enhance the Widget Asset Manager
  7. Add functionpublishAssetFolder() to KoolReport.
  8. Add the MySQLDataSource
  9. Add the SQLSRVDataSource
  10. Add ColumnsSort process to sort columns by name of label.
  11. The Sort process now can sort by custom comparison function.
  12. Add function debug() in KoolReport, this function will display all available data stores.
  13. Fix Google Chart initiation bug,this bug is actually due to the change from Google library.
KoolReport v1.27.6

Version 1.15.4

May 22th, 2017

  1. Add ResourceManager to manage report's resources such as js, css and any others.
  2. Improve the loading of Google Charts library with new ResourceManager to avoid loading redundancy.
  3. Add event register and event handling mechanism.
  4. Add OnBeforeRun,OnRunEnd,OnBeforeRender,OnRenderEnd event.
  5. Allow to set full path for report's assets folder settings
KoolReport v1.15.4

Version 1.11.4

May 4th, 2017

  1. Add ReportDataSource to pull data from another report
  2. Allow to set "role" to columns for google chart
  3. Filter process is now allowed or operator
  4. Allow ValueMap to set custom function
  5. Make Google Charts responsive to the change of screen size
  6. Add saveTo() function to Node class
  7. Enhance the mechanism of google chart library loader
  8. Koolphp Table can remove duplicated value
  9. Add popStart() and pop() function to DataStore class which helps to reduce memory usage
  10. Enhance CSVDataSource and ExcelDataSource to reduce memory usage
  11. Allow CalculatedColumn to add custom function and set meta data on the fly.
  12. Make removeDuplicate of koolphp\Table be list of columns you want to remove duplicated data.
  13. Fix autoload.php bug in loading packages
  14. Fix OnlyColumn bug
  15. Fix koolphp's Table bug when column header is number
  16. Fix google charts duplicated chart id problem
KoolReport v1.11.4

Version 1.0.0

April 4th, 2017

  1. Establish middle-ware structure of KoolReport
  2. Build the most common datasource connectors
  3. Build the most common data processes
  4. Create PHP wrapper for Googe Charts library
KoolReport v1.0.0

First brick

Jan 1st, 2017

  • It was a nice day!
  • Paper and pencil
  • Two guys
  • In a garden