Explore relations and aggregated results among more than one pair of column fields.


A pivot table is a data summarization tool that is used in the context of data processing. Pivot tables are used to summarize, sort, reorganize, group, count, total or average data stored in a database. It allows its users to transform columns into rows and rows into columns. It allows grouping by any data field. Pivot tables are the perfect solution when you need to summarize and analyze large amounts of data.

Regardless of where your data is located, in databases such as MySQL or SQL Server, in CSV or Excel file, by loading those data to Pivot process, you are able to turn them into perfect insights. The results from Pivot can be displayed interactively in which your user can browse through each data segments.

KoolReport's Pivot package is the perfect PHP library to construct excellent data reports and dashboards.

Why pivot table?

A pivot table helps users answer business questions with minimal effort. Common pivot table uses include:

  1. To calculate sums or averages in business situations. For example, counting sales by department or region.
  2. To show totals as a percentage of a whole. For example, comparing sales for a specific product to total sales.
  3. To generate a list of unique values. For example, showing which states or countries have ordered a product.
  4. To create a 2x2 table summary of a complex report.
  5. To explore data segmented by various categories.

How pivot table works?

When users create a pivot table, there are three main components:

  1. Columns- When a field is chosen for the column area, only the unique values of the field are listed across the top.
  2. Rows- When a field is chosen for the row area, it populates as the first column. Similar to the columns, all row labels are the unique values and duplicates are removed.
  3. Values- Each value is kept in a pivot table cell and display the summarized information. The most common values are sum, average, minimum and maximum.

What Pivot package provides you?

  1. A Pivot process which is capable of grouping data by multi-dimensional rows and columns and providing value calculation.
  2. A Pivot widget to visualize the pivot result which you are able to explore by expanding/collapsing data segments.
  3. A PivotMatrix which is an interactive php pivot tables where your user's can explore data by drag and drop fields to rows or columns.
  4. A PivotExtract process helps you to get specific data segment for your own usage, drawing a chart or graph for example.
  5. A default template and a alternative template for your visualization of choices.


Please make sure that you install the KoolReport and then follow our documentation to install and use the Pivot package.


  1. Customers vs Products
  2. Interactive Report with PivotMatrix
  3. Customers vs Time
  4. Bun Template


The package can be purchased per project under Regular License or Extended License. The Regular License is for project of which users are not charged for. The Extended License is used for commercial project of which users are charged for.

The package is also available in the KoolReport Pro which contains all our packages and allow you to use in unlimited projects.

User Reviews
Hallie Gromek
on Jun 20, 2017

This makes page reporting so easy. Looking forward to working with the product!

on May 25, 2017

This package is essential for any report! You guys are the best!